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If you think the amount of money that you earn per day is less then register in more sites.

However, the number of companies to which it will join depends on your income in the future. I think you are familiar with the registration of such places, but for those who are just entering to the internet here are some tips:

Click on the name of one of the companies in the proposed "Top 20" in search engine. Link takes you to their site. Then in the section "Sign Up" write your e-mail. After a few minutes you will receive a letter containing a reference to the registration form.

Enter only your real data - will you need, if you want to get your money. In any case, go to the section with your details and if they inaccuracies - correct . Furthermore, most sites offer alternative options for payment of earned money PayPal, AlertPay and more.

Do not try to cheat PTC sites by registering multiple accounts. They allow one IP address to open only one account. Otherwise they will delete all your accounts and you lose all your money

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