Learn how to earn money from PTC sites

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online money making

Post  goodar on Fri Dec 21, 2012 8:59 pm

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Learn how to earn money from PTC sites

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:40 am

Learn how to earn money from PTC sites

Earnings Example:You click on the 20 banner per day = $ 0.20
20 referrals click 20 banner per day = $ 4.00
Your daily earnings = 4.20
Your weekly earnings = 29.40
Your monthly earnings = $ 126.00
These earnings are based only in 20 clicks per day and 20 referrals. Some days you will have more clicks, some days less. And what if you have more referrals? And if there are more sites to click?

Why these sites pay me? This is a scam? No cheating. Normally advertisers pay to display their ads. PTC sites earn money by taking more from advertisers and give less to the consumers. Therefore, more pay, respectively, have more customers, more advertisers go with them. All units in the chain earn.

Earn money with PTCWhat is the pay? The payment varies, but most common is $ 0.01 per click. Avoid those who claim that paying more -> in most cases are SCAM. Is there a minimum amount that needs to get before you withdraw money? It is usually between $ 1 and $ 10, depending on the size of the site (larger sites because the number of users have more requests for payment and therefore increase the minimum to reduce these requests.) Number of ads that you can view is between 5 and 30, but if you are upgrade user numbers is higher. To earn money you need many referrals to click..

What is a referral? This is someone who you have targeted to the relevant PTC site. This PTC site provides you with link through to, you "redirect" users. When someone registers through your link that leads users be your referral. Referrals earn money for you. You earn from them as much as they earn for themselves. If I am your referral and earn $ 1 today and then you earn $ 1 without you doing noting. To build your down line, use Traffic Exchange sites

How do I know if the PTC site is a SCAM? It is sometimes difficult especially for new sites that appear, but there are several basic ways to understand this. Check how much they pay per click( PPC ). If more than $ 0.02 this site is most likely a SCAM. Check whether the site has a forum - this is not a guarantee but is a plus. If NO - maybe a SCAM.. Check the comments in the forum - if other users get their money

Start to Earn Money!!!

Find trusted PTC site. Register, click for 14-20 days to see if it is worth! Then rent/buy or find referrals - put your referral link everywhere in the network ( forums, PPC, traffic exchange ) and you will find referrals. After this collect money in your account, invest a little patience and money to upgrade your account, after upgrade you start to earn more money - never withdraw more than 70 % of the money in your account! Collect 200 - 500 referrals to work for you, maintain your account and referrals. Repeat the operation in another 5-10 PTC sites - and you earn a lot of money!

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