Coingeneration - make money with your pc

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Coingeneration - make money with your pc

Post  ironclaw on Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:43 pm

Hi! Have you heard about making money in exchange for data processing? With this aplication that is possivel and reliable!
You can check on websites, blogs, forums, etc... It wont make your pc slow, since it only uses about 2% of your processor!
Interested? It's this simple:
Step 1: Open this link
Step 2: Register an account
Step 3: Go to your profile (Personal -> Profile) and add your mobile phone so you can get an activation code (don't forget to add your country code before the number)
Step 4: Send a text message with the activation code to the number +447937946882

Activation done, now what?

Download the aplication, run it and see the money flow.
After one month you should have about $30 available with doing anything more.

Try it, it costs nothing!
Any questions just reach for me!


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