Fanslave -> Facebook likes=profit

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Fanslave -> Facebook likes=profit

Post  CrisTx on Thu May 16, 2013 9:25 am

Hey guys.
I would like to share my top choice for the moment.
Fanslave allows you to make money with your Facebook page.

Easy steps:
1. Register
2. Associate your Facebook account to your Fanslave account
3. Everyday there are several pages to press like.
4. Profit

Each "like" earns you from 2 to 12 credits.
2 credits = 0.01€

You can also earn (less though) by watching videos on Youtube (0.4 credits for 30 sec videos) and by visiting pages (0.4 for 0 or 30 sec).

Twitter and Google+ can also be associated to your Fanslave account, but personally i don't have experience with those since i don't have account in neither.

Please use my ref link

Enjoy and please, give feedback. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

MY payment proof:


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