Video Locking - fast and easy way to earn money

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Video Locking - fast and easy way to earn money

Post  affproject on Wed May 01, 2013 9:46 pm

Before any competitions made big on CPA content locking method (people have to do a survey in order to see or to view something the wanted). The earning was good, I enjoyed doing it because every time you work, you know that you will get rewarded for your efforts because the conversion rate before was high, due to low competitions, but then competition grows bigger. They just popped out like mushrooms. In result to that, the conversion rate became lower and the $$ coming in is reducing. So this becomes lots of effort, small amount of $$ and sometimes you are not even paid for your efforts due to many competitors, So I’ve been thinking that I would stop my internet marketing, But then I came over to a site which offers a “video locking” they have also good and approachable admins and they really help. What is video locking exactly, “when a person visits your site and want to view something, they will be required to watch a video and then they will be redirected to the page they wanted to go.” So it’s content locking with video ads. How do you earn with video locking, simple you just have someone to visit your site, and then the video locking activates and after the visitor watch the video you get paid for it.. so meaning every person comes to your site and watch the video, you will be getting paid, pretty easy huh?! No Credit Cards and Registration required. Easy Cash? YES it is. I am now enjoying my video locking method. Before that I was rarely earning using the survey method.. but with video locking. It is so fast and easy to earn.

Sign up now: lvl.levelupads(dot)com/register/refer/400

just replace dot wiht a symbol


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