10 Minutes a day for weekly payouts. Start your village today. Cash, jackpot, rewards

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10 Minutes a day for weekly payouts. Start your village today. Cash, jackpot, rewards

Post  jjdickow on Sun May 15, 2011 4:55 pm

[size=large]Varolo is a pretty cool GPT website. You watch 30 second ads (sometimes different lengths) to get reward points and jackpot entries. Each referral you get that watches ads will result in you making money. But to claim the money you make you are required to watch ads. 140 ads a week will give you 100% claimed cash. At the end of the week the claimed money you get is put in your vault and you can withdraw after $20. but if you get a decent amounts of good referrals you will be withdrawing plenty more than that every week. [/size]

Also, you get money from up to 5 levels in referrals.

How the money making works! (click)

[size=large]Your referral tree could look like:[/size]

[size=large]Your money in the future:[/size]

[size=large]Some rewards consist of:[/size]

1. Walmart $10 gift card
2. Itunes $15 card
3. 8gb USB 2.0 Flash Drive
4. Phillips 4gb GoGear Vibe MP3 player (white)
5. Phillips 4gb GoGear Vibe MP3 player (black)
6. Philips 7" Portable DVD Player
7. Magnavox Blu-ray & DVD Player with Wireless LAN
8. iPad 16gb


Each week the jackpot prize goes up $25. This week is at $550, next week will be $575, the week after $600, and so on.

Please post here if you are interested in signing up under me. So far I have 14 people in my village and I will help you gain more if you join me.

I have a large text file of forums (specific section links) that you can post your referral link at to help you get more referrals in your downline.

I hope a lot of people join me in this as it will potentially make a lot of money!

[size=x-large]Click here to join up! - http://www.varolo.com/village/Static[/size]


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